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The BDC launched Berwyn’s own shop local campaign, Buy Berwyn. In January, the BDC membership unanimously passed an Advisory Resolution that called for the BDC to create a Shop Local initiative. The purpose of this Chamber promotion is to build awareness regarding the benefits of shopping local and to encourage support for the local business community.

According to research, the 3/50 project has identified that for every $100 spent in independently owned stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures while shopping with national chains retains only $43 and online shopping retains nothing! We can all agree that shopping local is a great concept in theory, but when you consider these figures, the choice to focus on Berwyn is obvious.

This campaign is not about dramatically changing our shopping habits and shunning national chains. Rather, it is about making an effort to shop local independents when we can. Times are tough, but we cannot hide our wallets under our mattresses. The 3/50 project suggests choosing three of your favorite independents and making a commitment to spend $50 per month between these three stores. Every small effort by each of us can add up into a significant savings for Berwyn.

To market the campaign, the BDC has created window posters in English (Buy Berwyn) and Spanish (Compre en Berwyn) exclusively for BDC members to display in their storefront windows or prominently in their businesses. The City of Berwyn will also be adding our tagline, Buy Berwyn, to the backside of their 2010 vehicle stickers to keep residents mindful of the vibrant business community in their backyards.

The posters and vehicle stickers are but the first steps in a commitment to sustain our local businesses. If you are interested in participating in future campaign planning, please join us at our Chamber Services Commission meetings.

Download posters here:

English version
Spanish version

PRESS RELEASE: 03.22.10 - BDC Launches Buy Berwyn Shop Local Initiative



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